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Life is too short to live with bugs. 

An ant colony with only a few ants can lead to hundreds in no time, which is why it’s important to address the situation right away.

Ant Pest Control

An ant colony with only a few ants can lead to hundreds in no time, which is why it’s important to address the situation right away. Ants are largely attracted by food, so don’t leave crumbs, dirty dishes, trash or food out to tempt them. Remember, poor sanitation is the top cause of ant infestation. Once in your walls or under your foundation, they can cause costly damage if they colonize.

Here at Nature Guard, we provide extermination of all kinds of ants. There are many species common in Oklahoma, including carpenter ants, little black ants, red imported fire ants, Argentine ants, formica ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants. We have experience exterminating all of these and more.

Tulsa Ant Control

Effective Ant Exterminators

One of the best ways to control ant populations is through the use of bait stations. These stations contain a slow-acting poison that the ants will take back to their colony, effectively killing off the entire population. The key to using bait stations effectively is to place them in areas where ants are commonly found, such as near entry points or along ant trails. By strategically placing these stations, you can target the ants’ foraging behavior and eliminate them at the source.

Another effective method of ant pest control is through the use of natural repellents. There are several household items that these pests find repulsive, such as vinegar, lemon juice, and cinnamon. By spraying or sprinkling these substances in areas where ants are present, you can create a barrier that the ants will avoid. Additionally, keeping your home clean and free of food debris can go a long way in preventing ants from entering your living space.

Ant extermination tulsa

Our Ant Control Experts Will Identify Your Ants

Our experienced team of ant exterminators can identify the ant species you have and develop an aggressive plan of attack to your pest problem

Immediate action is key, as ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which they can spread easily as they meander across your countertops or sneak into your cupboards. 

Depending on the species, damage can be greater. For example, carpenter ants chew tunnels through wood beams, leading to expensive structural damage. As another example, fire ants can cause allergic reactions with their stings. No matter which type of ant you have, we’ll remove the pests from your space.

Call us for a free quote and we’ll come out to inspect your property for these pests. Contact us today at 918-994-2755 for comprehensive ant solutions in Tulsa OK and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify the specific type of ants infesting my home in Tulsa?

To identify the specific type of ants infesting your home in Tulsa, you can observe their appearance, behavior, and nesting habits. Consulting with a professional pest control service can also help you accurately determine the type of ants and implement effective control measures.

Can ants cause damage to the structure of my house in Tulsa?

Yes, ants can cause damage to the structure of your house in Tulsa. They can chew through wood and insulation, weakening the foundation and causing costly repairs. It is important to address ant infestations promptly to prevent further damage.

Are there any natural remedies or DIY methods that can effectively control ants in Tulsa?

Yes, there are several natural remedies and DIY methods that can effectively control ants. Some options include using vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon, or borax. These can help deter ants from entering your home in Tulsa.

How long does it usually take to completely eliminate an ant infestation in Tulsa?

It usually takes several weeks to completely eliminate an ant infestation in Tulsa. This process involves identifying and treating the source of the infestation, applying appropriate ant control methods, and regularly monitoring and maintaining the affected area.

Are there any health risks associated with ants in Tulsa, such as allergies or diseases?

There are potential health risks associated with ants in Tulsa, such as allergic reactions to their bites or stings. However, ants are not known to transmit diseases to humans.

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Elizabeth BlakeElizabeth Blake
04:18 03 Aug 23
Anthoine WashingtonAnthoine Washington
23:31 02 Aug 23
Dan LandisDan Landis
03:09 02 Aug 23
Awesome team of people. It you try them, you will never go anywhere else.
Gina RumbaughGina Rumbaugh
23:37 01 Aug 23
Nature Guard always give me a heads-up when they are coming to do a treatment. They will even notify when they are an hour out from the appointment. Their treatments are very effective.
Margie AkehurstMargie Akehurst
23:33 01 Aug 23
Always friendly and got right to the job. They always do wonderful work and check any problem areas. Even in all this heat, they are always polite.
Jerilyn WoodieJerilyn Woodie
15:38 29 Jul 23
We’ve been using NatureGuard for 3 years now and we’re consistently happy with our service. Our most recent visit was a free re-service in between our regular bi-monthly treatments because we noticed a sudden issue with gnats. Our tech Austin was friendly, professional, and thorough as he worked through our interior and exterior treatments. It’s been about 48 hours since his visit and we haven’t seen a single gnat! He was able to quickly identify them as fungus gnats from our house plants and treated the soil on all of our plants to resolve the issue. Thanks again, Austin!
Mendy KiddMendy Kidd
23:49 28 Jul 23
I’ve had a fruit fly problem and could NOT figure out where they were coming from. The woman who answered the phone was so kind and asked me some questions like if I had any potatoes that weren’t in an airtight container or fruit sitting out. She was very thorough and gave some great advice but I had tried a lot of the things. She was incredibly helpful. They sent someone out THE SAME DAY to do a full inspection and see exactly what we were dealing with. He said they were for sure fruit flies and not drain flies which can be easily confused and when he couldn’t figure it out, he even took time to make some calls to make sure we exhausted all options. They ended up spraying and recommending we get rid of some plants. The next day I hardly saw any fruit flies. Definitely recommend them!
Sandra DaySandra Day
23:36 19 Jul 23
Austin was very nice and professional. This service works very well and we now have several dead insects outside our house. They do a very thorough job! We are signed up on their bronze plan which is very affordable. Their communication is outstanding and are very committed to making their customers happy.
Cathy KondraCathy Kondra
18:53 06 Jul 23
Just moved into a rental house and was in need of a pest control company. I called Nature Guard and they were able to get me started right away. The initial service was very detailed. The tech explained everything as he was going. We would absolutely recommend them. They will be coming out every two months. The ants are already much better!!! Thank you Nature Guard.
So glad we went with Nature Guard! Josh was great - super knowledgeable and courteous! We haven't lived in the area for super long but having a local and trustworthy company was important to us. Josh was both professional and personable and explained what he was doing and the products he was using. I was genuinely surprised at how thorough he was & I'm SO excited to live BUG FREE!!! And besides, who doesn't love a hot pink truck?!
Joy TearJoy Tear
00:37 18 Feb 23
I recommend this company for your pest control needs. They charge a reasonable fee to come by every two weeks to spray and remove all wasps nests, dirt dauber homes, and spider webs. They use a natural formula so I feel better about my impact on the environment. They always keep you updated on when your service is scheduled and they arrive timely. Recently they've given out sticky traps which are great for areas like the garage and attic. I noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of insects that have gotten inside in the last year I've been a customer. If you're looking for a quality company to help keep your home pest free I'm not sure you are going to do much better in the Bartlesville, OK area!
Adam SmalleyAdam Smalley
00:48 15 Dec 22
These guys have been servicing my home for over a year and they have always been fantastic. This particular visit the technician offered to put out a couple sticky traps in the garage as well because this time of year more things will try to come into my house. The forward thinking and proactive way this company works to keep problems from happening is why I will continue to utilize them in the future as well. Thank you guys for everything.
Pete SottnikPete Sottnik
00:39 11 Dec 22
I have Nature Guard come out every two months just to keep ahead of things. Dylan did a spectacular job. He was very personable and professional. He checked our glue traps and adjusted our outside treatments to work a bit differently. This is a great company and I’m happy with their services.
Lisa TothLisa Toth
20:28 01 Nov 22
First meeting Courtney at the very pink nature guard booth at 2022 Tulsa State Fair, I was impressed. Today I opened the door and these two gentlemen 2 gentlemen Wesley and Dylan were prepared, professional and thorough.I've never had anyone show up with a spider mop and a smile! They did an excellent job, friendly,polite, neat on time. Thanks
10:43 30 Sep 22
Excellent service with uncommon customer service these days. Polite and eager to listen and eliminate or control every issue I have had with my home, garage and lawn. Very knowledgeable young man has corrected every critter problem with speed, proper treatment and 100% efficiency. Highly recommend Nature Guard Pest & lawn.
Pete SottnikPete Sottnik
23:39 29 Jul 22
Devon did a great job for us. He walked through and did an internal and external treatment. He was very professional and easy to talk to, and friendly. I’m happy with the treatments we get. Definitely recommend Nature Guard.
Kari EricksonKari Erickson
21:23 29 Jul 22
I have used Nature Guard for several years now, and have always had a good experience with them. They usually come out right away if I ever have pest issues in between treatments (which was wonderful when I discovered a wasp nest while mowing my backyard!). I very highly recommend them!!